Vocal Classes

Singing is one of the most rewarding and creative forms of expression yet learning to sing well can be a confusing and daunting undertaking. At Northtone Music Academy, we believe in nurturing and developing the students' dreams and gifts in a structured yet informal environment. Whether you are an absolute beginner or an advanced singer who has been performing for years, Northtone has classes that are catered specifically to your needs. Class sizes are small enough to ensure focused attention, and the relaxed, engaging lessons are a great balance of technique, theory and practical skills. Building confidence and having fun forms a major focus of our teaching style.

General course layouts:

Level One

A practically focused course where the foundational principles of singing are introduced, such as:

  • Introduction to the theory of sound and singing
  • Vocal Health
  • The importance of relaxation and preparation for singing
  • Introduction to breathing and diaphragm support
  • Basic warm ups and scales
  • Basic microphone techniques
  • Practical application with songs and live performance with the band

Level Two

If you have a basic understanding of the foundational principles and are already singing a limited repertoire, but need assistance moving to the next level, this course is for you! The course entails a more concentrated focus of the following:

  • Breathing and relaxation techniques
  • Warm up routines
  • Resonance, tone placement and articulation
  • Introduction to ear training
  • Introduction to harmonies
  • Further development of microphone and stage technique
  • Practical application and live performance with backing band

Level Three

A good grasp of the foundational principles is assumed for the singer embarking on this course level. The focus is on building confidence and further developing your skills and knowledge.

More complex exercises are taught and ensemble singing also comes into play.

We also begin to look at stylistic classes on the different genres of contemporary singing as well as the following:

  • Intermediate breathing and relaxation techniques
  • Intermediate warm ups and practice routines
  • Introduction to music theory
  • Tone placement, intonation and pitching, register blending and dynamic support
  • Stylistic classes and introduction to expression
  • Further stage technique and dealing with performance anxiety
  • Practical application with a live band

Level Four

This level is aimed at intermediate singers who are confident and have a strong foundational base. We will continue to develop the technical skills whilst also building vocal strength and stamina

Level Four also delves deeper into the expressive side of singing with more focus on different styles and interpretation of songs and lyrics. Creative Writing is another masterclass available to Level Four students. Material covered includes:

  • Mastering the skills
  • Advanced breathing and warm ups
  • Vocal flexibility and sustaining exercises
  • Further music theory
  • Major and minor scales and arpeggios
  • Vocal health
  • Further ear training
  • Exploring the differences between lead and backing vocals
  • The auditioning process
  • Masterclasses on style and expression including songwriting
  • Practical application and live band performance
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