Community Involvement

NMA is more than just an academy supporting the communities immediately surrounding Dainfern. Our Vision is to reach into the diverse communities of Africa and provide an internationally recognised tertiary qualification in the musical arts. The prohibitively high costs of participating in these studies based in USA or Europe effectively marginalise most of the African continent from access to top flight musical education. An education that would allow a seamless transition from the traditional music of the poorest areas of rural Africa to the sophistication of modern contemporary music in New York City, London or Prague.

A diploma or degree that opens those doors is the access millions of talented musicians from Africa have been longing for. A true opportunity exists for musical globalisation and cross pollenisation of culture and ideas.

NMA has both a Global and a Local element. Global quality and awareness matched to Local talent and desire we see NMA harness the voices of the underprivileged and disadvantage (disenfranchised) and provide them with a creative outlet. Shaping students who in turn shape the continent of Africa and by extension; the World.

Our Global Programme will involve a highly respected curriculum of modern contemporary musical studies, adapted to our location, based on exceptional talent as uncovered thorough the Local Programme and individuals channelled through to for modern contemporary musical studies. The format will include part and full time learners in diploma and degree courses

Our Local Programme will utilise a respected curriculum that can be used to develop students from their first touch of an instrument through to auditions for the BK accredited courses.

To help fund these promising students we are going to set up a bursary system and a donations or sponsorship plan that will allow individuals and corporations to provide funding to assist the development of talent underprivileged individuals. Providing them with a hand up not a hand out.

Our Vision is underpinned by a desire to see the upliftment and empowerment of communities throughout the continent of Africa. We know that music transcends borders and beliefs and with proper mentorship can re-shape lives and entire communities.

Community Programme involves:

Bursaries full and part time




Access to musical equipment at discounted rates

Access to industry professionals

Access to recording time at the on site studio

Opportunities to hone their craft in live performance environments hosted by NMA

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