Audition / Placement Process

Every applicant to Northtone Academy of Music, must complete a live audition and interview. Applicants who wish to enrole for more than one discipline must audition separately for each department. Please ensure you bring your supporting materials to your audition and indicate if you require any accompanyment on your application form.

All Auditions are held at the NorthTone Academy of Music, (please click on facilities for futher information) Wilst every effort will be made to accomadatate applicants, audition dates for each department are set at the convenience of the faculty.

Audition/placemnt spaces are limited and with the high demand for spaces, we may not be able to change your time once it has been scheduled. Once you submit your online application for admission  you will be contacted within one week by email with your audition date and time.

There is a nonrefundable audition and registration fee of: R100, payable once the applicant is notified of the audition date. (please check banking details) payment can also be made on day of audition.

This fee must be paid before the applicant is permitted to audition.


Please insure that the email address and contact details supplied by you are correct as all  correspondence related to your application will be sent to the email address and contact information provided. Please inform us of any changes in thses details

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