Northtone Academy is based at the Junxion Community Center, which is situated in Dainfern along the R511. A map is provided below for your assistance.

Northtone Academy's facilities will include tuition classrooms for students, private practice spaces, a band rehearsal room (equipped as required), a recording studio and a satellite music store.

The Junxion Center is a multipurpose facility which has been established to build a better future for surrounding communities and the nation.

The Community Vision for the Junxion Center includes Northtone Academy, art and dance schools, a five-a-side football league, a restaurant with live music, conference facilities (large to small), children's facilities including gymnastics and music for children.

The Center is designed to cater for and promote the arts, music, sport and related activities and to integrate and centralise training programs within the participating communities. The Junxion Center will also play host to live musical events by local and international artists and to regular community participation evenings hosted by local celebrity's themed along the lines of the popular "Whose Got Talent" productions.

The Junxion Center is also the administrative hub for a number of Nation Building, economical development projects that have both a community focus and a national benefit.

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